Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Desert trippin

spring deserts & familia.

Silvia right now: budding pianist, meat lover & devoted little sister.

Luke & his doting ladies.....
luke right now: movement & smiles.

more photos here (especially of my favorite nephew Luke)!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

oh mercey!

A weekend at Mercey Hot Springs was so very needed!

From a downpour drive down the 5 to clear big sky.

I learned the healing powers of heat--in springs and saunas.

I was reminded of the healing powers of fresh air and a sky full of stars.

car camping at it's best.. a hot tub at the ready and a breakfast for champions:
4 different kinds of coffee makers -- mimosas and homemade scones

we laughed very.
and often.
all weekend. really.

spring showed itself, for a sliver in time

oh my miss mercey it may have been my first, but it's not my last.

this city has so many stories to tell

i love to roam this city two feet and two wheels. when you take it slow you can soak it all in.

some days the light is just right and the buildings and the hills and the trees feel like magic. they tell stories of times past, of futures present. some days are flat and bright and you only glimpse the magic around certain corners or in a hidden alley way.

I love when I have my camera at hand to attempt to capture these moments. Even if I can't quiet grasp it--the photos are a touchstone to a memory that does.