Saturday, August 27, 2011

things learned after a tumble down the stairs

Boot portraits summer 2011.
Photographer M. Grimm entitled this before and after. I'm looking forward to version II. Note that the ankle injury didn't happen while adventuring in Colorado with my new hiking boots. No, it happened on an ordinary day in an ordinary way. I tried carrying my bike up my awkward stairs at home and just didn't make it all the way up. As I went bumbling and tumbling down the stairs the tendons in my right ankle flexed and stretched as hard as they could when some how my ankle got in the way. but in the end they tried too hard. Result: fractured right fibula.

things learned after a tumble down the stairs
  • it's hard to tell a really badly sprained ankle from a fractured one. if you have a dr. go to one.
  • when the radiologist comes back to tell you your foot/ankle is broken, they will tell you not to put weight on it. They will be very stern and very serious and look at you with concern making you want to do everything they say to make it better. Then they will point out the door and say "now you must go directly to a doctor". When asked for a crutch, wheel chair, or a walking-stick-for-the-love -of-god-my-ankle-is-fractured! they will sadly shake their heads no, and again, point at the exit sign. If you're lucky, they might give you a pass for one free cab ride. You will cherish this free cab ride until you get to your stop. The doctor's office, and have to pull yourself up stairs, walk, or should I say hobble? and smile (to deflect all the wincing stranger stares), down a hallway, and then walk down another hallway before given the relief of a boot that is reminiscent of what a stormtrooper may wear. Walking 200 yards will never take so long ever again.
  • when talking to your new doctor after this happens, you will be so out of it you won't be able to ask some crucial questions. Such as:
  • how is it possible that I can walk on my ankle? without a cast? it is fractured?! (Answer: the fibula doesn't really bear any weight. You just need to keep it immobilized)
  • do I have to wear this big ass boot while I sleep? (no.)
  • do I have to use this weird sock thing you gave me the whole time? (no. just wear something thin and wool and wash it a lot or it will smell like vinegar)
  • do i have to wear this big ass boot the whole entire time? (yes. and when they say 4-6 weeks, it will probably be more like 6)
  • finally, they will ask you if you want drugs for pain. just say yes already!
Things learned while healing:
  • ice is your friend. your best friend. ice + hot packs don't get either icy cold nor hot. just put some ice in a plastic bag and save some $$.
  • gimpin' ain't easy
  • i have the best of friends--friends who cook amazing meals and make me laugh. friends who talk to me on the phone and bring me pastries.
  • I have the most amazing boyfriend--he cooks (he doesn't just cook, he does magic in the kitchen with healing foods), he cleans after he cooks, he does laundry and folds it, he brings treats. and..if I keep going it will just be obnoxious, or more obnoxious than it already is.
  • asking for help is harder than you think
  • everyone. EVERYONE will look at you sadly as you hobble down the street. Complete strangers will stop and talk with you everywhere you go. they have good intentions. but you still want to tell them you're getting your ankles done.
  • it's crazy how hard it is to get around this city when you're handicapped. cherish your mobility.
  • Enjoy taking it slow..enjoy being pampered, don't fight it.
I'm half way through. time to ice and elevate and relax....and do it all over again.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

love love love

I unearthed a little card for Flux Productions with a beautiful bike logo as I was cleaning today. I typed in the website and fell in love all over again. Prints inspired by the sea and dogwood petals, dresses with cowl necks and bike bags made of cork. All handmade. Sigh. Their booth stole my heart at the Brooklyn Flea this summer. It's almost worth another trip to NYC.

I want to do this with some of my photos...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

field guide to San Juan Mountain meandering

I took almost 300 photos of my recent colorado adventures?! The blessing and the curse of a digital camera in one of the most picturesque places. So hard to get from the top 60 to the top in the meantime, here's a little series. well, just because I love maps almost as much as I love getting lost.

"can we forge the great Bog Valley? "
but which way?