Monday, May 28, 2012

waiting for cotyledons

Currently incubating: French breakfast radishes, dill, lebanese yellow squash, tatsoi mustards, wild arugula, tomatillo, freckles lettuce, little gems, bloomsdale spinach, echinacea, camomile, lobelia, foxglove, cosmos, 3 different kinds of heirloom potatoes:  german butterball, mountain rose, and french fingerlings. Cross your fingers for cotyledons!

 And the potatoes emerge!!

back in action. hip hip hooray.

best to start with the now. the weekend...

Carnival rehearsal in my neighborhood park.

 Congrats Miss Jaime! 

BBQ celebration!


Not just another sunday funday in the park. Because a little dog named Lucy learned how to play at age 9.  Proof that we can all do unexpected things at any age.

 Glen Park adventuring.


 I went in search of nature in the city, in need of a long quiet walk. 
I was surprised to and find good murals and beautiful decaying buildings.

Then, I sat on a rock up high and fell in love with this eucalyptus. 
the photo doesn't do her justice. Her bark, striped just so, is what got me.