Saturday, March 28, 2015

inspired by Red Buds farm

Every trip to CoMo I look forward to seeing how Emma and Scott's Redbuds Farm is taking shape. So inspiring. It is a special place. A place about place, that defines reuse and recycle, and the use of cycles. A place to create and innovate. And most importantly, a place that imbibes community.  

We first visited the land just after they purchased it. It was an old row crop farm that laid fallow for 10 yrs, Emma's dreams for it big. 

Today, just over a year or so later, it is home to a new orchard, beautiful lashed tabacco pole teepees for veggies that like to trellis, raspberry vines, a pond, a sand mountain for the kids, and so much more. It's hosted bonfires and bbqs, work parties and workshops. 

I loved seeing it in winter-on-the-cusp-of-spring. it's rich browns and grays, with spring greens barely hidden beneath the surface ready to sprout. a quiet hush before the spring peepers. I was quickly obssesed with the newest addition. The insect hotel, so named by my friend brooke, the Grand Bugapest Hotel. I don't know what I loved more, the fact that it was made by kids out of recycled materials, or the fact that it will bring beneficial bugs to the farm to help with pollination and pest management.  

and yes, more photos of the bugapest hotel...

the site of a summer market to be. the barn was built with all recycled materials! the roof collects rainwater for the farm. 

I love all the details of the barn

all of them: 

a portrait of summer. in seed. to be. 

Thank you Emma, for making us part of the family. And for being such an inspiration! Let's do this! Dream big people. 
More from Emma here:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

cause we know how to picnic

much needed trip to SF included visiting with this crew, familia! 

we know how to picnic. no utensils necessary.
cheese, bread, sunshine, ocean view--this is all you need.