Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love fun visitors to my city by the bay. The usual day to day is suspended, you push through work to the next evening adventure. You go to all those places you've been meaning to and revisit all your favorites. The Finley's came to SF on a mission: to help with the sail boat we've all fallen in love with, Destiny. After long hours spent scraping and cutting and caulking and problem solving (of which I missed out on due to my boot....) we explored good food in the kitchen and out in the city (of which I did NOT miss out on due to my boot).

We ate a roasted corn soup and rasam with eggplant masala curry (this was no ordinary curry--whole roasted baby eggplants!). Vegan mexican at Gracias Madre and their cashew cheese that did not disappoint. We explored the wine, and thin crust at Pauline's but the salads may have stolen the show (Pauline and Randy have taken local food to new heights, when they want something delicious for their restaurant they grow it. which means just about everything, from the wine to the herbs on the salad. I like their style). We dove deep into Little Star's stuffed crust after strong tini's at Martuni's. Don't forget beach side picnics at Marin's Rodeo beach that would play host to our visiting hound Ralphie, sandwiches made in the cockpit while we prepped to sail to Angel Island, happy hour sunset hike on Bernal, the cucumber water at Kabuki baths and meals made around my comfy kitchen: tofu scramble italian style, pizza piled high, veggie fajitas with slaw and escabeche. 

magical sail to angel island. destiny in all her glory

at the helm!


Bernal Hill view from our happy hour hike.

at pauline's you feel the love

views from my bicycle. my first ride in 7 weeks!

Ralphie's on Vacay!

sisters. rockclimbers.

 A little vacation without leaving home

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

weekend weekend weekend!

Finally! Boot Free! I celebrated the only way I know how, with bikes and food and friends. First stop, Samovar tea with Erin. Unparalleled sensory experience. The food was so good you had to lick the bowl(s).

Erin in action. Love love love!!

 Hallloooouuummii. Bring it. Grilled please.

 Brunch at Folsom St. A. In my sun-soaked kitchen with two of my favorite ladies. 
And a box of veggies fresh from the Santa Cruz farm program. Thank you Brooke. 

Finished the weekend with some hard work with Stinky B on Destiny.
Followed appropriately by Pliny & Patxi's delivery.