Monday, January 26, 2015

snap crackle pop!

we closed a year of adventuring in style. hunting and exploring the unknown.

south then east. (A stop at morning glory cafe in Eugene for breakfast is highly recommended ... epecially for those with a soft spot for soysage) 

from dunes to hobbit forests. slow walks. good for breathing in and out. for finding treasures hidden to the fast and brisk. 

we spoke latin. because. . . it is the language of fungus. 
Cortinarius for dyes. Leccinum for delicious. Then, we let loose with the common names: hedgehogs, yellow feet and chanterelles. all to find. to chop. to saute. and savor. 

not to be forgotten cheeses infused with white truffles found by dogs in the woods.  followed by amazingly thoughtful meals. there were chile rellenos with butternut squash and yinyang beans. the not to be missed sweet bolero carrots sautéed with onions. 

summer visited sweet and hot: there were salsas, pepper sauces and tomato juices. the most pumpkined of bread and the peachiest of jams. all grown and harvested, chopped and preserved by the hands we joined at the table. 

there were low tides revealing such landscapes! 

then the snap crackle and pop of the living rock

fern pollen. pollen at it's best.

and the company was so very good. 

giving thanks for a time well spent. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

hobbit forest and delicious waterfall views...

xmass was good food with good company. everyone came with arms full of winter produce and canned summer goodness. the highlight was the delicata spiked nottaricotta and summer tomato sauce lasagna the only way to follow a good meal is with a good walk.....

from the hobbit forest of horsetail falls to the vista house

love how r was trying to capture an epic photo with k :) 

vista point!!!