Tuesday, November 25, 2014

more from sandy river delta adventuring

battled a wall of wind. toured Maya Lin's piece: a bird blind engraved with the names of all the special species Lewis and Clark saw on thier travels. and walked the sandy hoping for a beaver sighting...


I had no idea how amazing these beavers are. constructing lodges that are only accessible via underwater entrances. palaces they make with a dining room, nursery, and bedrooms! Nocternal creatures, we missed them this time around...

Monday, November 24, 2014

these are extraordinary times

tonight, I meditate on the shapes of things. on colors. on confluence. what a beautiful word right? 

sandy river delta. where the sandy and the columbia meet. 

waterfront wanderings in the rose city. where does your water come from?

Sunday, November 2, 2014


this girl's serious about her chow time. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014


sf friendly faces. hunters of: mushrooms, good photos of birds, and lifer beers. cultivators of good laughs. 

Regina's at Pine State, from a drizzly rainforest walk at Forest Park to the mountains of Hood and the confluence of two rivers (which most mystified and confused Lewis and Clark). The adventures in the aisles at Powell's books (I like big books and I cannot lie). Delicious libations at old Victorians and former elementary schools. You say Rodriguez I say Sanchez. Bus rides and feasts. almost empty gas tanks and forgotten maps to an historic lodge, discoverying mushrooms and mountain chickadees along the way. a deliciously stumbled upon falafel. and lucy winning hearts as always. 

I can keep my eyes open in a photo. Really. I can! 


slowly so very slowly she revealed herself to us 

there she is!!! 

THANK you for visiting :)))

a moss garden comes alive

it seemed the thing to do. a dream come true.
a winter in the pacific north west--a winter of moss gardening. the spot: outside our kitchen window. 
the materials: found and reused almost all. 
1. one propeller from pier 39 2. a pine cone from big sur 3. a boat chain from sauvie island hiking. 4. a succulent, a gift from SF. a part of home. 5. landscaping scallops already covered in moss purchased at Rebuild (an A.mazing store full of used everything for your house and yard) 6. moss salvaged from our nieghborhood. 7. free soil from craigslist 8. acidic soil mix from Garden Fever