Friday, April 27, 2012

Come, sail away.

one sail boat. two dogs. three captains. 78 degrees Fahrenheit. a boat full of well fed and beveraged passengers. from Pier 39 through the San Rafael bridge and channel to Frenchy's boat yard for a much needed tune up.

The sail unbridled by it's reef. Time enough and hot enough to take a quick dip or two in the Bay. Epic. The ride home in the RV via Marin Brewing Company wasn't too bad either. 

April, shaken, not stirred.

Thank you April for shaking things up. For breaking me free from my cubicle chains to deserts, forests, and bayous. Thank you April for bringing me back to my good people in AZ, for bringing me Spring in Missouri and brass bands in New Orleans, for a good harvest from my garden plot, and my first swim in the SF Bay. Photos photos photos--so many to sort through and post. I can't wait.

me & April.