Monday, March 24, 2008

Beards and brews and butterflies

My bearded man & the Bitter End. Made the hour+ wait for Burma Superstar totally worth it.
Veggie Samusas (better than a samosa) + Tofu broccoli noodles + curry catfish& coconut rice. It's all about the subtle sauces and incredible spices.

After a day of hard garden work and even harder garden party drinking---D. dragged my hung over self on a Sunday adventure. First stop: a walk through Golden Gate to stop & check out the dancing roller skaters and the Conservatory of Flowers to see bizarre living Chinese sculptures & butterflies. Cocooned, hatching, and flying everywhere. Some of the cocoons are an amazing jade color. So cool.

Then steamed artichokes with creme fraiche and berlotti beans and a thin crust pizzette with three cheeses, toasted pine nuts & rosemary & a glass of wine. The best Sunday afternoon lunch ever. I won't reveal the name of the Italian place, it is precious and beautiful and has about 4 tables...either I take you there, or you'll stumble upon it yourself. One clue, it's on the way to the Legion of Honor where the most emotional, intense photo exhibit is on display: Annie Leibovitz A Photographer's life She doesn't just shoot photos of celebrities. Its about family, life and death, and most of all love.

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