Monday, July 7, 2008

Inspired Cooking...

101 Cookbooks is pure love.
I won't steal her beautiful photos, so beautiful you can practically taste them...just go LOOK at this beautiful food blog.

Tortilla Soup: I made this with the first kiss of summer's cherry tomatoes from the Tuesday Market (yes that's tomorrow, and that's what makes Tuesdays beautiful) I added a little cabbage from my CSA box, FANTASTIC the easiest veggie tortilla soup. Ever. Even better the next day, try it with a fried egg on top, I didn't, but I bet it's damn good. And yes, make those pretty little tortilla matchsticks, they really don't take that long and they make such a big difference.

Broccoli Pesto w/ Fusili: So this recipe sounds weird no doubt. But even a gross broccoli tree, farmed by a big ass monoculture organic farm in Salinas was revived by this recipe. Recommendations: add a little spinach and a few leaves of fresh basil to the pesto. And use whatever tasty cheese you have in the fridge.

Lime and Peanut Coleslaw: the best way to get rid of your CSA cabbage. I used it for toppings on a black bean/veggie fajitas. Don't be shy with the lime.

Inspiration from an incredible four course meal made with love by a beautiful French couple I'm proud to call my friends: Frisee in a Mustard Vinegrette, so perfect for a sizzling hot summer day.

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