Monday, November 10, 2008

I can breathe again.

Spent most of October and the beginning of November already, traveling for work and play--but now I'm back in the fog-kissed hills I call home.

Last Tuesday night, a weight I didn't even know I carried was lifted from my shoulders. I can breathe again. This country can find words and meaning again.

What I love most is Obama's unrelenting call to each and every one of us to take ownership over this country, to take responsibility for our lives and for each other. It's not all about the government, it is about how we live and give each and every day.

So much has floated in the interweb that is inspiring this week. Here are some tear-jerkers, and don't misses for you...What's inspiring you?

A Campaign in Photos: My experience of the 2008 election has been words, save the few debates, words spoken over the radio or seen on the written page. I'm glad these photos will be the few cherished images I'll remember.

A reprieve of Langston Hughes' " Let America Be America again"

An eloquent editorial from the Times. "You can’t proclaim freedom as you torture. You can’t promote democracy as you disappear people. You can’t stand for the rule of law and strip prisoners of basic rights. You can’t dispense with the transparency and regulation essential to modern capital markets and hope still to be the beacon of free enterprise."

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