Monday, July 6, 2009

My new blog...

Holla! I've finally started my food/enviro/urban sustainability blog. FINALLY.
Check it here:

The idea is to talk about the connections between food-environment-and urban sustainablity. Telling these stories through my own experiences and experiments with citysteading. And share cool stuff and interesting events I find on all of the above. The hope is to begin to collaborate with the inspiring people I've met along the way, eventually including interviews and guest posts and even broaden the scope beyond the Bay Area (from AZ to NY to Colombia?). Who knows where it will go--but it will keep me writing and exploring and shooting photos on the issue I love. And leave me the freedom to post other silly stuff here on treeographer.

Feel free to pass along the blog to anyone you think would be interested. Check it out, and if you hear of any good events, ideas, or if you come across people I should talk to, let me know. Comments welcome!

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