Thursday, September 8, 2011

defying the odds

from Spring to Summer--Erin & Larry's ocean beach-side homestead thrives!
This spring it was all ice plant, sand and unsure transplants from the container garden and community plot where E & L first began their garden experiments.

But after loads of chicken poop carted from Sloat down the street, 30+pounds of seed potatoes, berry plants ordered online, and compost, and love and hard work and so much more I don't even know about -- this little oasis in the fog is what I would call a food forest ;)

The view from above. Take special note of that picnic table...
...that table would be handmade by these two for their 10th anniversary!

hmmm, which choke to choose?

potatolandia. I'm ready to trade...

our apple tree graft appears to have taken!!!that's my baby girl!

part of the new SF sponsored laundry-to-landscape pilot project! Woot!
Can't wait to see how things are looking these days!

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