Sunday, September 9, 2012

Colorado I: by train

The California Zephyr
(Zephyr: a wind from the west; a gentle breeze. From Zephyrus: Greek god of the west wind. Or, in this case:a diesel-powered passenger train, famous for its use of Vista-Dome cars)

From Emeryville to Colorado Springs, my man B and I traveled. We made the elegant sleepliner roomette # 4B our home for 24 hours. The trash can, our ice chest, filled with champs and cheese.

We watched the world go by -- first the Delta's beautiful bay line next to industry of all kinds, through farm country then drinking mimosas through mimosa tree country, up up up and over the granite peaks of the Sierra through Donner Pass.

We took long strolls from our home through the dining car to the vista car.  B played the happy hour sun-set over the Nevada desert.

We ate and ate and ate. First summer inspired home cooked picnic feasts. But then, oh why then? Did we eat the free food?

All good fuel for the big Colorado hiking to come...more photos here.

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