Saturday, December 6, 2014

giving of thanks

thanksgiving came and went so very fast and slow at the same time.  I can still say how very thankful I am. It is the holy-est of holy days for me. A meal cooked. With the ones we love. 

We had a cozy night for our Portland thanksgiving. A mezza to start with homemade hummus and tini tinis. A salad piled high: roasted beets, fried tofu, greens, carrot and a tahini drizz. Roasted root goodness (garlic, sweet potato, potato, delicata) blended into a curried soup. vegan chocolate mousse with a touch of Rasputin stout. 

so very thankful to live with the master of soups! and fried tofu....

the beers here. oh my. 

mmmmm mmmmmezza. 

beeets!!!! yo! 

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