Saturday, April 4, 2015

the poetics of fruit trees, recipes and freebies

It's spring spring spring here in portland. Everything is in bloom. We have leafed. We've moved from the pinks and yellows of magnolias, the stunning dog woods not just white but pink too, oregon grapes, and shocks of bright tulips, now into the lilacs and the irises unravel, into deep purples, some with wagging white tongues, others, instead, a full pale yellow. Time to get into fruit trees, and bees, and dust off projects shelved in the darkness of winter. Here's a smattering of my spring streetscapes...

hello first true leaves!!! of beet and lettuce to be

a portrait of a carrot

I'm finding myself on craigslist more and the free list gets me every time...

2 TVs and a dentist chair
original manual and operating instructions 4: Nordic Trac Elite
hot tub (lots of hot tubs...)
bathroom sink - cracked
an armoir and a sumac tree
small bag beaded necklaces
4 55 gallon drums
electric organ
1 stack martha stewart magazines

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