Friday, November 9, 2007

Discovering my own unoriginality.

An awakening: I've been suffering under the guise of ego, fooling myself that I have a unique perspective on the world, part of which I express on this silly little blog. Until this week of coincidental blog/web sightings so utterly similar to my own...

1. Cover of print version of SF Chron today. above the fold: HEARTBREAKING under same photo of oil covered bird. (see yesterday's blog post)

2. This week's Fecal Face homepage, features both Banksy & green roof of CA Academy of Sciences.

3. Shortly after posting my own photos of a trip to the Carnivorous Flower exhibit I was forwarded very similar, although much better, photos of the same exact exhibit from a friend taken just one hour after I wandered through this plant heaven.

Don't worry. While I've suffered a blow to the old ego (of which I also falsely thought I didn't have a big one. Surprise, surprise, I guess I do.) it's really a new beginning. As Ms. Miranda July says in her new book, Learning to Love You More: "Sometimes it seems like the moment we let go of trying to be original, we actually feel something new — which was the whole point of being artists in the first place."