Saturday, November 10, 2007

Field Trip Day!

My GCTEP class got a taste of Permaculture in the East Bay today--these photos are all from Chris Shein's garden at Merritt College. Banana, fig, pomegranate, apple, cacao and persimmon trees, herbs, cacti, bamboo structures--there's a little bit of everything in this 1 acre hillside oasis. You won't see straight paths with row crops here--permaculture is all about common sense, following the paths that nature sets before us. Terrace gardens, built to the contours of the land. Swales provide water catchment for heavy rains. A handful of vegetables and herbs are let go to flower and seed, to bring in beneficial insects & spread seed for the new year. It's all about life-cycle, systems thinking. It's about knowing the land and thinking towards the future.

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