Sunday, December 23, 2007

Decided against the 3 hour Dr. Zhivago @ the Castro (3 hour movies are better enjoyed in the comfort of your own home) & went for the Savages instead. Laura Linney+Philop Seymour Hoffman+radical Chris Ware poster=not to be missed.

It's an intense movie, subtle and unexpected, and so full of sadness. Sadness, this movie crystalizes that emotion and makes you stare straight at it. Sadness of life's missed potential, sadness of deliquent familial relationships, and sadness that our society ships our elders off to nursing homes.

It made me think a lot about my own deliquent family--then my Dad called. Sometimes, when I can actually find something he wants to talk about and he gets excited for a minute and stops staring at the clock, I can make our phone conversations last more than 2 minutes. Sometimes for a brief moment in time we can have this great conversation, and I can forget all the baggage and the bullshit and it's just good. I wish I could make it last....Like tonight, I found out he's really into old Jack Lemmon movies, who knew?

PS Another not to be missed: the Berlin & Beyond film festival @ the Castro January 11-16!

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