Sunday, September 21, 2008

Should our libraries have seeds too?

Our shared food knowledge is disappearing. Our knowledge on how to grow our food and how to prepare and preserve our food is not being documented or recorded or learned or taught. Can we find ways for our public institutions to support, to document, to nurture this knowledge?

I love this exhibit that is just a stones throw from the Civic Center Victory Garden--it's a compelling way to start the conversation. Maybe this is so close to my heart because it blends two things that absolutely capture me--libraries and gardening.

"This project is a seed planted in the cultural soil of the city to be nurtured, irrigated and grown to full maturity by the San Francisco community.

Through this art project, we propose that our Public Library system create a new branch dedicated to seed exchange, as well as the loaning of gardening tools and literature associated with farming, gardening and urban greening.

The simple seed is at the core of a new narrative about urban preoccupation in a sustainable food system. the seed poses the question: What are the ethical, and social ramifications of feeding ourselves today?"

What do you think? For more info and pictures about this exhibit look here.

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