Friday, July 30, 2010

best wedding weekend ever.

Jamie & Sarah's Wedding weekend started with the discovery that my neighborhood wishing tree was transformed into a love tree. You can add your love notes to the tree....what a perfect start to a weekend of love!

destination: pescadero. home of the world's best artichoke stuffed garlic bread.

the wedding took place at pie ranch--a beautiful working farm that is a leader in the Bay's food movement. Go there on the third Saturday of the month for a community work day+potluck+barn dance!

i guess there was a love tree @ the wedding too!

Every detail @ the wedding from the friend-grown flowers to the artwork on the program was done with thoughtfulness, love, and the support of friends and family that embodies Jamie & Sarah.

Dinner was touched with local foods grown on the same farm we dined on. Menu highlights: fig+brie+honey bruschetta, white bean + rosemary dip, pesto corn pizza, a trio of complimentary salads-beet and goat cheese, avocado and yellow pepper, gorgeous greens.

Beautiful Maureen!
Adam, Daniel & Sarah were my fearless tribe that weekend.
Yes, we braved poison oak and skunks and family volleyball courts and losing our way.

te amo - maria y blaire

dapper defined. well, dapper after a few classes of wine...

Adam & Sarah have even more radical pics up too.
Thank you Jamie & Sarah & Adam & Daniel & Sarah McCoy for a weekend of inspiration of love of ocean of good grub and feet in the sand.

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phatty albert said...

love the snail on white pic, gonna make it my wallpaper.