Monday, July 26, 2010

kayak adventuring

SF >> Hawk Camp Marin Headlands >> Tomales Bay kayaking >> Russian River via Hwy 1.
An epic adventure.

the beautiful beast that made adventuring possible.

we camped in a cloud.

my first lesson in camp cooking.

tomales bay - a place to be seen from a kayak.
man of the sea.

taco fixins.
kayak camping = limitless feasting

power ball. mmmm. secret ingredient? espresso*.
*thanks edna*

contemplative woman of the sea.

the view from our beach home.

casa de tomales beach

hog island. closed to man.
you could hear the bird party from about a half mile away.

adventuring made possible by: the beasty volvo, the man of the sea, and the many friends who contributed tales of tomales bay trips and gear that kept us warm & dry. Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

whoops thought it was on your blog. must of have been your buzz. here you go:

Anonymous said...

nice pics by the way!