Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is packing

Life is packing and unpacking lately. Transition for a root loving Rood. Missouri>>moving my life, again!>>East Coastin>>Tahoe tomorrow (a promise to myself: I will get a hike in, it WON'T be all over-air conditioned conference rooms) then, Madison at the end of the month. Not complaining, just contemplating how it all comes at once, fast and furious.

Travel has been bikes, boats, ferries, trains, planes, not to mention lots of walking with camera in hand.

Home has been work, swim/yoga, dinner making, packing and unpacking. Then, my day is done?! Time with friends is little bursts of all out party.

Dinner revelations keep me centered: soba noodles (yes, I'm addicted) + summer's first basil pesto + white beans + chard (throw those ribs in too! I know it's wild, ride it.), zucchini.

A flurry of photos and writings kept all to myself for 6 weeks to be unleashed, very soon. July is designated the writing month.