Thursday, April 17, 2014

Am I in Berkeley?

I've found myself in a place that has more yoga studios, more organic yoga clothing stores than yoga studios, and more aromatherapy clinics than I can count. Stores selling bags made from recycled mosquito nets by women collectives and an incredible, unbelievable amount of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures. There's kombucha and organic vegetarian food. 

Totally Berkeley, right? I'm in Ubud, a town nestled in rice fields high in the mountains of Bali. I find moments of comfort here in the berekleyism and moments of sheer disbelief and frustration...did I really come this far only to find home? I'm even going on an herbal walk tomorrow! And am I really that cliche thirty-something woman who can't get enough of this stuff? 

But it is at the same time nothing like Berkeley. Tonight our warm rainy walk was accompanied by Gamelon music echoing through the streets and Hindu offerings were our obstacles in the streets. Ben is riding a scooter instead of a bicycle. And our burritos for dinner last night weren't the least bit greasy?! Here are some shots of my walk through town to the rice paddies for lunch on an organic farm. 

Shiva? Or just something for tourists??

Sari Organik--farm to table here in Bali! 

Longtong: rice cooked in banana leaf with garden veggies (cauliflower, long beans, potato, zucchini and tomato) sunrise tea: rosella with mint, lemon, and soda water SO good! 

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