Saturday, April 26, 2014

scenes of yogyakarta

Besides being a great homebase to explore Borobudur, Yogyakarta was a great place to explore food, batik and its beautiful windy streets (that so reminded me of southern spain). 

Via Via Cafe was amazing, our home away from home for a few days. It was our first fresh, delicious veggie food of the trip. 

Rumor has it that Indonesia is the mastermind behind Tempeh--I've definitely loved eating a lot of it on this trip! Interestingly it is often served along side tofu (called tahu here). 

And everytime I have tempe here, I have the added bonus of good memories of Zoe cooking her delicious tempeh at 1695 Dolores. 

scenes from the beautiful streets 

Our alleyway/street in Yogya

the hotel courtyard, we had a little balcony/seating area over it where we could check out the baby birds in the treetops. 

our hotel room -- this artist also had a lot of work up at one of our favorite local restaurnants Bedhot that had amazing fresh juices (I think I'm learning the real meaning of fresh juice on this trip) and some great veggie Indo food. 

there was so much interesting grafitti in yogya...I really missed out in taking photos but grabbed this shot in our alleyway.

sounds of our street were the songs of caged birds, kids playing soccer, and the prayer songs of the small mosque on our street. 

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