Monday, July 28, 2014

from lake bratan to botanical bliss

Going through trip photos and loved this day where we drove from the north coast of Bali, south and east, towards the city of Ubud with a stop at Lake Bratan and the Botanical Gardens. 
a road-side stop to view the unabashed long tailed macaques beggng for peanuts and bananas. I'm so curious about these creatures. how did they get to this little island and how did they become so unafraid of humans?


loved their fishing poles

then back on the road, take a right at the corn cob statue and you're on the right track to the Bali Botanical gardens
our first stop at the Bali botanical gardens was an eerie black Hindu temple with dragon gates--it was littered with the remnants of a big celebration but it was so very quiet and empty

but once inside the gardens it was so very lush. dense. so many layers of plants, epiphytes in heaven. 

there were gardens upon gardens from delicate orchids to a cacti fantasia and palm forest. I could've spent a full day in this quiet green space. layers upon layers of things to explore. mosses and tiny fungi, and the birds and butterflies!

cement sidewalk turned mosslandia

loved the ethnobotanical garden, taman usada, learning about all the medicinal uses of plants

and there was a surprise, a big park with people picnicking with a nice overlook of the lake. one of the few green open spaces we viewed on our trip. a luxury. 

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