Saturday, November 1, 2014

a moss garden comes alive

it seemed the thing to do. a dream come true.
a winter in the pacific north west--a winter of moss gardening. the spot: outside our kitchen window. 
the materials: found and reused almost all. 
1. one propeller from pier 39 2. a pine cone from big sur 3. a boat chain from sauvie island hiking. 4. a succulent, a gift from SF. a part of home. 5. landscaping scallops already covered in moss purchased at Rebuild (an A.mazing store full of used everything for your house and yard) 6. moss salvaged from our nieghborhood. 7. free soil from craigslist 8. acidic soil mix from Garden Fever 



phatty albert said...

I wish we could get moss like that. I love the propeller.

Ashley said...

it's amazing. and the only thing that may help me get through this long dark winter :)