Saturday, November 1, 2014


sf friendly faces. hunters of: mushrooms, good photos of birds, and lifer beers. cultivators of good laughs. 

Regina's at Pine State, from a drizzly rainforest walk at Forest Park to the mountains of Hood and the confluence of two rivers (which most mystified and confused Lewis and Clark). The adventures in the aisles at Powell's books (I like big books and I cannot lie). Delicious libations at old Victorians and former elementary schools. You say Rodriguez I say Sanchez. Bus rides and feasts. almost empty gas tanks and forgotten maps to an historic lodge, discoverying mushrooms and mountain chickadees along the way. a deliciously stumbled upon falafel. and lucy winning hearts as always. 

I can keep my eyes open in a photo. Really. I can! 


slowly so very slowly she revealed herself to us 

there she is!!! 

THANK you for visiting :)))