Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alemany Farmer's Market Love

Went on an adventure to the Alemany Farmer's Market, the oldest farmers' market in SF located next to the convergence of four freeways - public transit, not recommended. Found out that there's a whole section of streets in SF named after Ivy League institutions.... Anyways, it was awesome, despite the howling 25mph winds.

New favorites: Huaraches (masa corn tortillas filled with beans, topped with 2 different kinds of cheeses, salsa, hot sauce, lettuce and salsa, damn), and almonds from the tree (they're bright green and taste of citrus with a hint of the nutty almond future to come).

Inspired eating: arugula & spinach pesto with buckwheat noodles (the noodles are another new obession) & portobello mushroom sandwiches with homemade aioli (the goodness that is garlic mayonnaise, so easy to make).

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