Thursday, April 10, 2008

Since when is SF scared of a protest?

I work down by the Embarcadero & yesterday's torch festivities were totally distracting. I didn't realize how excited I would get by the whole day. From my perch on the 28th floor I saw the crowds of people gathering all day--planes all morning with banners reading everything from Free Burma to SF will save Tibet.

I still can't believe that they changed the route...

This dude should've picked up one of Credo phone's free signs (yes, they turned a protest into a marketing opportunity, almost makes me want to return my phone!) I wish I had grabbed a photo of the Credo protesters, the signs read I'm another ____ for a free tibet. Some fill in the blank answers--vegetarian, San Franciscan, Christian...

Note the Bejing 2008 posters with a cop standing over a bloody corpse.
The Ferry Building gets tagged.

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