Thursday, October 2, 2008

MUNI 74: The culture bus & a rant rebuked.

The California Academy of Science just reopened in my neighborhood--you know I love it's living roof & LEED Platinum status but I'm hating the fact that it is a car magnet. Yes, there are lines of traffic throughout my neighborhood because the garage is perpetually full and there are few car free options.

Until MUNI 74x the Culture bus went online Sept 20th complete with it's own logo and look. It could also be called the tourist bus, hitting almost every major museum and shopping spot in the city. I'll be curious to see if this bus works to reduce the traffic congestion in my neighborhood and the rest of the city...and if my rant can be rebuked.

Here are the stats according to 7x7:
-- The 74x runs daily (approximately every 20 minutes) from 8:40 a.m.-5:50 p.m.
-- The route begins downtown at Howard and New Montgomery, with a few stops on out to the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park
-- The cost runs ya $7 smackers for all-day transport ($5 bucks for seniors and youths ages 5-17)
-- MUNI monthly FastPass holders pay an additional $3
-- Tickets are available onboard; exact change required

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