Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Report from Litquake

I made it past the bass and the crowds of scantily clad Love Fest goers into my favorite of all public institutions The Public Library, for a Litquake event on Saturday. It was the food focused part of an afternoon dubbed, "Off the Richter Scale". All Litquake events are notable in that they are readings---instead of an author talking about their work, they read it. Some are great readers, others a little less impassioned.

But what's fascinating is what authors choose to read, which passages they pick to share in an intimate way in a very public setting. A new trend, moving past reading passages from books to reading blog posts/newsletters and the like. Being an author in the now is about utilizing all of these mediums to reach an audience, to explore an idea, to be creative, to be more marketable.

The highlight for me was the person who brought me out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the first place: Bryant Terry. He read an excerpt of a rant/blog post turned article that addressed a need to reclaim Southern Food traditions--instead of being fried meats with a side of overcooked vegetables and sugar layered upon cream and sugar for dessert--instead, Southern Food traditions are so much more than that. Get inspired, read his article, Reclaiming True Grits, here.

There was barely anyone there, yet when I contemplated introducing myself to this food hero of mine I couldn't think of anything intelligent to ask or say. Something to work on...

Other highlights included Rothko inspired desserts by Citizen Cake, sake as food, and tales of the Mission Burrito.

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