Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Catching up continues: Finley snowdown

As it feels like winter is turning into spring here, it's good to look over these wintry photos. We may get a last gasp of a storm this weekend, fingers crossed! 

When the Finley's where here it was Durango's snowdown festival (this year's theme Safari's so Good--the whole town comes out for the parade an there's everything from kids activities all weekend to booty-shakin contests) and we got some good snow too. 

Cascade Creek snow shoe! The snow is melting fast there now...

Such good food too! Here's the beginnings of Roy's famous paper bag fry technique, it works on spring morels well and now I've discovered it's amazing on tofu! 

We had delicious stir fry, frittata with a few delicious Turtle Creek veggies, NM hatch green chili's capturing a bit of last summer's heat making appearances in everything including Kate's black bean and sweet potato enchiladas! Nanci's cherry pies and a serous Super Bowl appetizer feast of BBQ Tofu w/ Ben's Red Hot, curried sweet potater-tots, home-made nacho cheese dip. 

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