Friday, March 14, 2014

where I'm wintering

Durango Colorado, town of about 18,000 nestled at 6000 ft in the beautiful red rock layered Animas River Valley with 10,000-14,000 foot mountains sparkling around us. Four delicious micro-breweries, and infinite trails to explore on foot, mountain bike, or snow gear. From my limited stay here I can only say that people live to be outdoors, probably a comment sentiment throughout Colorado, but it is an ethos here like no other.

the animas valley, I haven't gotten a good photo to really reflect it's beauty yet, but I love the way the snow looks on the layers of red rocks...


I traded in my knee high leather boots for hiking boots, my bicycle for a car, two actually, and three housemates for a three bedroom condo community. I traded in the sound of the muni and light rail rattling my house that become unheard background noise, for quiet. My dreams peppered with the soothing sound of the auto bus lady's voice saying "24 diveeeesadero" followed by the beeps of the clipper card reader with each passenger. And now, such quiet! I traded in bi-weekly trips to the farmers market for trips to 3 markets by car trying to find the best produce...I'm learning about animal tracks and the many different sounds that snow makes underfoot (and as winter turns to spring, I'm learning about the sounds of real mud). I'm learning how important it is to me to get outside and hike everyday.    

I'm learning that the local food movement may be nascent here, but it is thriving. Fruit grafting classes, a new regional seed library, community meetings and meals to push forward regional food solutions, raw milk co-ops, a great Edible San Juan publication, and young 30-something farmers putting in winter greenhouses (check this out, pretty cool). There's even a new city competition for increasing personal use of transit and organically maintained city parks.

I miss the Bay so much, sometimes it feels just wrong to not be able to walk out my front door to get whatever I need or to meet a dear friend for a beer or hop on my bike to the ocean, but this has been an awesome place to stay awhile. To take a breath, and reassess.  

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