Wednesday, March 19, 2014

road trippin Silverton to Canyonlands. Part 1: Silverton to Ouray

Skijoring in Silverton! Not to be missed. One of the two main streets in town is closed down for the day and cowboys and skiers hang out side by side cheering on the skijorners. 

View from Ouray Perimeter Trail. The mountains between SIlverton and Ouray are, simply, amazing. 

Had a good time with these ones from the Bay!

The lowdown on Silverton: DO go if you can, beautiful hikes. and stop at Avalanche for pizza and a beer.

And Ouray: 
... by the numbers 7760 ft, 843 people, 10 churches!  
... do go to the city pool and park, which are actually a hot springs and an ice climbing park respectively go to Ourayle House/Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewery. How could you not?
...good food is hard to find, espcially in winter. 
...finally the Ouray brewery isn't worth the visit, beer's okay but the food isn't worth the price. I hear good things about the Beaumont Grill. 

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