Thursday, August 30, 2007

The day turned pink.

15 minutes of Hell is Spare the Air day on the N-Judah (free transit day). I got stuck teetering on the doorway stairwell--just about the worst spot to be on a MUNI train. A 4x5' space in which I stood with 7 strangers, closer than I ever need to be to strangers. Butt to butt. Boob to back. Pit to face. Bad news.

By the time the N pulled up to Church and Duboce there were cops on watch to make sure there was no MUNI rider rioting--since there was no space for the 50-100 people waiting to get to work. The doors opened. I looked outside to avoid acknowledging the crowds of people smothering me--there I spotted a large cop on the sidewalk, legs spread in an agressive stance...clipping his fingernails. Absolutely the most disgusting thing ever. Ever.

The day had no where to go but up from that kind of morning prelude. Read disturbing and hilarious Miranda July on the BART to Rockridge where I was greeted by this small parade of clouds, so perfect, it gave me hope.

I always run through the free BART turnstiles--it's freedom. That's a +$3.10 to my daily budget=one afternoon iced latte or just about one Cactus frijoles y queso burrito.

More veggie love--the CSA share this week: grapes, plums, armenian cucumber, bell peppers, huckleberry potatoes (pink inside!), cherry tomatoes, thyme & basil, red onions, heirloom tomatoes, & roma tomatoes.

I love this tomato so much I don't think I can eat it.

I tried to chase the sun down at Grandview park--just made it to Funston & Lawton for a perfect pink sunset the fog barely moving in on this hot day. Here's a glimpse of the sun sinking...

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