Saturday, August 25, 2007

Film as canvas.

Abbas Kiarostami series at the PFA in Berkeley, don't miss it. His movies are beautiful paintings. He is a poet. I checked out one of his more experimental films this week, Five. It was meditative and beautiful, at parts hilarious, at others unsettling. I can't begin to put the right words to it. It's better to defer to those who do it well--here's an excerpt from the PFA's Jason Sanders:

most recent film famously abandons all precepts of conventional storytelling, discovering in their place the narrative rhythms hidden within the natural world. The film is composed of five long shots, most taken along the waters of the Caspian Sea, each "starring" such actors as tides and driftwood, a gang of ducks, croaking frogs, or the reflection of the moon. . .Meditative or materialist, even metaphorical if you want it to be,
Five provides a slate upon which to project any thought or emotion.

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