Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fire Friday

Just as my office started to heat up with the afternoon East Bay sun, I started to smell something burning...before I realized what was going on there's three firetrucks surrounding my building and crowds were gathering on the street, gawking up at my office building. I headed outside to discover smoke billowing out of the roof above my office--a pizza oven from the restaurant below caught on fire. The office emergency procedure consisted of our frantic, insane receptionist running up and down the hallways screaming for the office manager. No one suspected anything out of the ordinary.

The fire was put out within minutes, but then toxic smelling smoke began to fill up the hallways. Amazing. Here's some shots I took as I was spreading the good news that we all had to get out of the office and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. I wonder if I'll have to go to work tomorrow...

After this dramatic beginning, my weekend was pretty mellow. Here's my Saturday post-yoga brunch, almost all local: heirloom tomatoes, onion, and zucchini (Eat Well farm), tri-colored spinach (Heirloom Organics) & wheat walnut levain care of La Farine.

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