Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's time to get up on your feet & go for a walk!

This is my photo of the day.
Why don't I have a more interesting photo of the day? Because I didn't even take a real lunch break The trouble with bringing your lunch: you don't leave work. I can barely motivate a walk around the block unless it's to go buy something. What is up with that?

What is this photo? My makeshift/eco-friendly bag to drag my life home after work. Bag=10lb orange bag purchased at the Ferry Plaza Tuesday farmers' market (10am-2pm). Contents: one empty tiffin (used to transport pasta & greens lunch), one New York Times Week in Review section from last Sunday (featuring an interesting article on gas guzzling meat production, one more reason to keep up the vegetarianism), one SF Bay Gardian, and one Ecologist magazine. Damn, I'm not usually this much of an eco-lefty-literature toting woman...

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