Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We are insensitive to the needs of the body and the pleadings of the heart.

Wow I love that quote! It's from The Ecologist...

The Ecologist appeared in my life last week. I know it's been around for awhile, but somehow I've missed it. It's a pretty radical enviro rag from the UK. I love hearing what people from other countries think, especially when it comes to the environment. Most other citizens of the world have such a different perspective from us...

My favorite article so far: Ugly. "How living in an ugly world affects our attitudes and actions" A random list of rants about ugly things in life like: reality tv, junk mail, diminished childhoods, and sexist ads. It's a bigger better rant than I could ever attempt!

My favorites: (quoted from The Ecologist)
Bagged Salad: how hard is it to rinse the dirt from a beautiful, fresh head of lettuce straight from the ground? ... we've been conned into believing that it's healthier and more convenient to eat bagged salad leaves that have been washed in toxic chemicals and then packed in plastic.

I-podism: It is ugly to live in a world where all you see or connect with is yourself. It is ugly that we no longer talk to our neighbours or help the old lady across the street. It is ugly that we are so plugged into our devices that we can't hear the passer-by ask us for directions, it is even uglier that we ignore them when we hear them ask

Unconsciousness. Most of us walk around in a state of unconsciousness on a day-to-day basis. We are unaware of ourselves and what motivates us, how we affect others and are in turn affected by them. We are insensitive to the needs of the body and the pleadings of the heart. We have no understanding of the self or the psyched and how they work through us.

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Kimee said...

i agree. the ipod has disabled one's ability to listen even to ones own needs.