Monday, January 21, 2008

Time for a new perspective on the war.

"I’ll take you to the root of the problem. The original policy was to divide Iraqis into Sunnis and Shiites…..It was a big mistake to divide Iraqis along religious and sectarian lines. Why couldn't the division have been on political lines? Like in the United States. Like anywhere in the world where you have the right-wing conservative parties and the left-wing leftist parties and on the center. Why did it have to be on religious, sectarian, and ethnic lines? If it explains one thing it explains that the US right administration administration look at Iraqis in a racist way." Baghdad-born activist Yanar Mohammed interviewed on Fresh Air. Listen to it here.

Totally blew my mind...what if we had looked at the Iraq war in this different way from the beginning? But think of how much more politically challenging this would've been on the home front...sometimes I forget how base this war is, just another war between Christianity and Islam.

Yanar Mohammed also talks about the forgotten: women in the war. Check it out. Check out Terry's entire series "Iraq: What's Next for the US" she interviews dozens of people with so many different perspectives.

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