Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally - Virginia to NYC (Part II)

NYC was all about hanging out with old friends.

A patio brunch followed by a stop at one of my favorite coffee spots in the City, the Mudtruck, with two of my favorite people on the planet. On a hot summer day it's so good to see that bright orange truck and order a sweet iced latte. Damn.

then we cruised the Chelsea galleries taking shelter in the underground just minutes before a torrential downpour...

Highlights: Zhang Huan who uses ash as his medium. Check out photos of his piece on display in the Canal Building here. From the ground, it looks like an ominous concrete blog, to view the piece you have to look at it from above where a huge, amazing mural inscribed in incense is revealed. Then Laurie Simmon's eerie glimpses of a home maker.

A trip to the epic Brownstoner Brooklyn Flea made me want to move to Brooklyn, or at the least, completely redo my apartment. I've recently realized that I still live as if my apt. was 400 square feet and totally don't take advantage of the beautiful space I have...

Remember that game Memory? This is a hand crafted version with an underwater theme: Sea & Match. So radical.

A long awaited college reunion at The Habana Outpost. The Habana Outpost is a new favorite--Six Point on draft for $2.50, patio dining on delicious veggie cuban food, bike powered smoothy machines, compost, & the most beautiful bathrooms, yes bathrooms, I've ever seen--water recyling+rain collection and tons of plants. You have to see it to believe it. It's worth the trip to Fort Greene

Transported to Cheney Third Floor '97. the love has only grown stronger 11yrs later. Has it really been that long...holy shit.
I finally made a trip to the NYC version of my yoga studio--felt like home away from home. Namaste.

Brooklyn food was good to me: brunch at the chestnut They serve free pastries to soothe your hungry belly before the real gems arrive...all local, seasonal goodness that includes lots of greens and wild mushrooms. Franny's captured my heart with it's list of it's local farms and producers on the back of the menu, the red rice salad with asparagus, peas, and provolone dolce, and the thin crust pizzas.

So much love to all my crew for taking me to see good music (well, the music was interesting, the show was some serious drama...), for a night of dancing, a trip back in time, feedin me good food and showing me around the town. I miss you already!

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