Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This past week...
The View: from Muni trains now plastered in Google ads

CSA share: strawberries, cherries, peaches, kale, turnips, braising greens, lettuce, Sweet Potatoes (!)

Reading: Three Cups of Tea (cheesy I know, but my sister left it at my house a year ago, and I'm trying to actually read all the books on my bookshelf before I buy more) and it's actually a good story. + notes from my compost class in preparation for teaching a class this weekend.

Promotion!!! & I negotiated my salary so I got what I wanted + a bonus! Finally. Is patience really a virtue?

Hand-wrist-arm-neck problems: turns out I have to go to physical therapy. Maybe I'll become one of those people that has to dictate emails...maybe that would get me my own office.

Now: going to VOTE one of my favorite things.

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