Monday, June 23, 2008


I finally watched Gondry's latest beauty 'Be Kind Rewind' I had already heard this Studio 360 on it and the accompanying gallery reenactment at jumpin'Deitch. Yet I wasn't prepared for how ridiculously stupid-silly-awesome this movie would be. Flashbacks to forgotten memories of an entire 8th grade summer in Davey's backyard shooting our own film -- and a good reminder that 80s VHS movies are still so good.

Another don't miss is Congorama. A film from Quebec that brings together the World's Fair in Montreal, Congo, clean car technology, birthmarks, and lost fathers.


phatty albert said...

I love how they swed the Ghost Busters movie, making black and white cut outs of their faces, so that when they use the camera effect “negative” they don't turn out blue.
I also love the strings in front of the camera to achieve that old scratchy film look.
Pure genius.

aroo said...

Yes, pure genius! I bet you'd make some killer swedes dude.