Monday, August 4, 2008

Compost is now.

In the midst of battling to make sure my office building has compost, this blazed across the front pages of the Chron: Mayor proposes fines for unsorted trash. While I may not agree that people should be fined for leaving some food scraps in the garden, I do think that we as a country need to start thinking about our waste and our consumption in a serious way. As San Franciscan's, we're really lucky to be one of the few cities that has access to municipal compost, -we should be championing it, we should all be compost devotees. Among other things, it saves you money and prevents the build up of more methane, one of the worst greenhouse gases that exists.

But of course the Mayor's proposal has caused some serious outrage--it is an invasion of privacy. It is government trying to dictate our lives. But as our landfills overflow and continue to belch out methane, and as acres of garbage swirl in the Pacific, I'm glad that my city is looking for new solutions to our trash problem that's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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