Sunday, February 8, 2009

best of 08 II

The rest of the best, done in reverse here are the photos that started out the epic year of on to 09!
My favorite neighborhood hilltop. Grandview Park.

A purple bulldozer. Really?

The one and only Shamrock. Yes, I danced with the bartender. Good times.

First hike up the twin peaks...

Mystery box of veggies..a steal for $25...

I heart Austin.

Building Resources--the best!

Serving a meal at Glide with the work peeps...
Ear mushrooms at Garden for the Environment

Butterfly cocoons!

Bookshelf at Frank Llyod Wright's Taliesin.
Add ImageThe kick off wedding of 08...yes, that's a wedding cake.
Yay, that's my niece in there!

Alemany Farmers' Market Goodness

A Fresh Almond!

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