Sunday, February 1, 2009

They Exist in Every Culture and How to make an empanada

Whether you call them potstickers, gyozas, pirogis, or empanadas--they are flaky, pastry goodness filled with steaming wonders, eaten fresh out of the oven from hand to mouth. No utensils necessary. But keep a napkin handy, because they're chin dripping good. And as evidenced by this weekend's Empanada/Arepas themed party, they make for a killer party.

How to make an empanada party:

Have your friends bring their favorite filling. Some favorites: mushrooms/spinach/swiss, soyritzo/salsa/queso fresca, butternut squash/goat cheese, meat/chilis/cheese. Gather your friends around a table, keep delicious libations flowing, and set them to empanada making.

Mmmmm, tower of queso fresca

Buy the dough--you can get it precut, sold like individually wrapped Kraft cheese slices.
But it's better. Really Or you can make your own dough.

Add a dollop of this and that filling.

Make a pretty pocket. Pinch it all around the sides. Then pop them in the oven.

Why? Empanadas bring beautiful friends together &...

They're just too damn fun.
The End.
Oh yeah, get some hot sauce to top them off and eat them steaming hot from the oven. My hands were too full to take photos of that...

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