Friday, February 6, 2009

best of 08 part I

2008 was epic--full of firsts and beautiful things. Here are some of my favorite photos and happenings of the year...

Pigs at Polyface Farms! Cheney 3rd floor reunion

My first trip to Montana which included my first white water rafting ride!

SF City Hall's Victory Garden

My first zucchini plant.

First batch of homebrew!

Slow Food Nation Taste Pavilion Beauty

Hello my beautiful Niece!

Rooftop Garden @ Glide

My first jam session with Edna.

Wedding of the Century

I mis my AZ crew!

Treehouse, Manhattan

Yes, that's my sumo wresting co-workers

Jam making session at YBCA with the Fallen Fruit Collective! The. Best.

The art show that went with the jam session..wish this was my cabinet..working on it!

More jamming...

Bad self-portrait of a happy Obama voter

My first worm bin. There's a whole world of composting happening inside....

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That's my girl!

Home sweet home for Christmas to meet my Dad's new kitchen decor...


* F A R M C O R E ! * said...

These are awesome photos! I am so excited to see the Fallen Fruit jam making since I didn't get a chance to attend. Are you going to the BASIL seed swap in March?

aroo said...

Thanks! I didn't know about the BASIL seed swap--I'd love to check it out.