Thursday, January 5, 2012

madien voyage of the novices

because sometimes you have to make the jump. because sometimes you must trust. your instincts. because life is about scaring yourself every once in awhile. but mostly, B & I sailed Destiny for the first time on our own because it was a beautiful day, because it was vacation day and is there a better way?

the Captain making it look easy

Yes, I learned by doing--gearing the boat up for the sail, helping get the boat on and off the dock--yes this included jumping from boat to dock and back again and (attempting to) tie off lines. Owing to my unique grace and tactile coordination this was nothing short of a miracle. Steering through boat traffic in the bay, finding the way to take big ferry wakes smoothly while B raised the sails.

And finally, doing one of my favorite things about doing, packing and cleaning up. Yes, I love the process of it, slowly going through each step of tidying up--and saying, yes! I'm done for the day.

It couldn't have been done without B's many years of boat knowledge, or without lessons learned on other sails from our calm teacher mr. andrew. It couldn't have been done without just taking the jump because. Without calm water and the flooding tide. It was good.

Then, of course Lucy wanted to celebrate afterwards at the Attic. Sheesh! Such a party girl.

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