Wednesday, January 25, 2012

recently: pixels and pub food

An evolution: in pixels.
From a yellow 60s circle phone plugged into the wall of my teenage poster plastered room, to cordless phones, pay as you go cell phones, finally! Finally! on a cell phone, followed closely by a blackberry. You've called in hung over hazes from Edinburgh, from a patchy line in Kosovo, from the wintry depths of grad school on the east coast, from rush hour traffic in AZ, from the back of the tour van. But now! Here you are in pixel form! It's not always crystal clear--you are in Bangladesh after all-- but it's good. I'm so glad we still do this thing of keeping up over the divide of space and time. What will our phone conversations will be like when we're 65?

An evolution: in pub food.
Stinky B took pub food to a new level this weekend. Tofu buffalo wings. Homemade nacho cheese served over heirloom beans in a nacho pile. Masala sweet potatertots. And my favorite beers. All for a very appreciative group of very fun, very good eaters. Decadence!

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